The vegetal framework and the slope constitute the identity and richness of the site. This is not only to be preserved but also to be made unique in the living environment of the future inhabitants of this place. This approach of analyzing the context and what exists will shape the built environment and also represents a significant paradigm shift in light of current environmental challenges.

At the center of the block, along the 522m contour line, a central swale is arranged that runs through the site from east to west. Its primary role is to capture all the runoff water that comes from upstream. By doing this, it contributes to the regeneration of the local hydrology, by allowing water to infiltrate into the ground rather than accumulating downhill during heavy rains.


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SIA 31 - 53


Belmont-sur-Lausanne (CH)



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The project revolves around the topographic line 522.00, serving as a horizontal reference. It is designed to ensure universal accessibility, adapting entrances to the topography to facilitate movement for everyone, including people with reduced mobility. The pathways are dotted with meeting spaces and integrated into the natural environment.

The plan includes preserving existing tree clusters and adapting architecture to natural volumes to maintain the site’s vegetal identity and topography. This approach aims to provide a unique living environment, in harmony with current environmental challenges.

A central swale is created to manage runoff water, regenerating the local hydrology and increasing the vegetation’s resilience to droughts. This system also contributes to maintaining biodiversity by creating a microclimate and serving as a biological corridor for various species.

The swale also plays an ecological role by facilitating wildlife passage and serving as a habitat for microfauna. Native and multifunctional plantings are planned to support biodiversity while meeting the residents’ needs.