Park(ing) Closel

In parallel with the reallocation of the Renens City Workshops, the parking lot to the south of the site, in direct contact with the SBB network, is being redeveloped into a generously planted area.

The resizing of the parking lots frees up a large area, abandoning the “industrial desert” character of the parking lot to rediscover a permeable soil. The various developments highlight the treatment of runoff water in the open air, by means of a landscaped ditch parallel to Chemin du Closel The latter allows for the development of hydrophilic vegetation, as well as the planting of a wooded cordon providing welcome shade on the site. A shrubby grove is placed at the interface of the railroad tracks, on a flowered meadow providing a seasonal color scheme and an increased environmental value in an urban setting. The parking lots are also marked by permeable pavements, combining comfort of use and respect for the natural water cycle. Because of the lightness and reversibility of this installation, the southwestern sector of the Ateliers can be considered in the future as a business or neighborhood park.


Completed, 2021


Cacib SA


Direct order

Services provided

Phases SIA 31 – 53




2’480 m2

the project's assets

Landscape integration of the open-air water management, creation of a landscaped valley adapted to the regular volumes of water flowing from the parking lot. Promotion of the reversibility of the site, from a deserted parking lot to a future neighborhood and/or company park with strong arborization.

Coordination with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) due to the proximity of the railroad tracks, adaptation of the external arrangements in accordance with the railroad safety directives.