Anchoring itself at the foot of the public clock dating from the 1840s, the City of Vevey is reinventing the Place de l’Oriental, bringing the entrance to the historic center up to date. The ‘Place Orientale’ was strongly marked by the influence of the car at the crossroads to Collet and College Streets, next to the Bout du Monde terrace and the Oriental theater.

The public layout has been redesigned to bring back the atmosphere of a small neighborhood square and thus make the most of this reclaimed space. Three islands highlight the spaces where no cars can enter: at the foot of the clock, at the top of the crossroads, and a last, more generous one, which brings together shops, terraces and theaters by offering them a common, welcoming and convivial square. These three areas are an ideal place to replant trees and shrubs, providing pleasant shade in the summer, shimmering colors in the fall and, in general, more freshness for the neighborhood.


Completed, 2023


Ville de Vevey


Mandate on call for tenders

Services provided

Phase 31 à 51




1'550 m2

the project's assets

Creation of sustainable landscaping, combining optimal comfort for users and added environmental value (biodiversity, fight against urban heat)

Refined integration with the local and historical context – enhancement of the built heritage (public clock), historical inspirations (old city entrance, Oriental theater)

Implementation of an online participatory consultation, in coordination with the City of Vevey: 3D modeling of three development variants, production of a video as a decision-making aid