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The revised landscape project emphasizes harmonious integration with the existing urban fabric, enhancing connections and creating smooth transitions between urban, educational, and sports spaces. It innovatively uses excavation earth to reshape the topography, thereby facilitating accessibility and optimizing stormwater management through features like a dry river and a tailored retention basin. Furthermore, the project stands out for its commitment to sustainability, with particular attention to resource economy, material reuse, conservation of green spaces, and preservation of tree heritage, notably through environmentally respectful renovation of the historic covered area.


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Landscape Integration: The landscape project underwent significant evolution in its second round, with improvements and optimizations while maintaining its grand intentions. It emphasizes strengthening relations with the existing urban fabric, extending the town’s streets towards the school and sports site, and creating a smooth transition between different spaces. Each space is designed to have a distinct spatial identity while naturally integrating with its surroundings. Continuity is maintained up to the public swimming pool, whose access has been repositioned.

Topography and Stormwater: The handling of the topography plays a key role in the project, particularly in rainwater management and improving accessibility. The use of on-site excavation earth allowed for creating a topographical continuity without major obstacles, harmoniously linking the urban center, park, and sports spaces. This approach also facilitates stormwater management, with the creation of a dry river and an enhanced retention basin for wildlife, perfectly integrating into the landscape.

Sustainability and Conservation: Finally, the project places special emphasis on resource economy and conservation of the existing environment. Measures have been taken for the reuse of buildings and materials, as well as for the economical management of green spaces. The ecological approach includes facilities in favor of biodiversity and reduced maintenance. The historic covered area is also simply but effectively redeveloped, preserving the existing asphalt and improving conditions for vegetation, thus contributing to the preservation of the commune’s tree heritage.