Green heart with a view

Integrated into the local heritage

The Jongny area is rooted in the slopes of the Vaud Riviera, above Vevey and at the eastern threshold of the Lavaux terraces. With the aim of honoring and preserving the wealth of its regional character, the new center is designed as a succession of terraces held by stone walls.

Clustered below the Route de Châtel-St-Denis, the College, the Municipality, and the Post Office define the center of the community. This center becomes the privileged platform for fostering the socio-cultural dynamics of the inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhoods. Beyond landscape integration in harmony with the genius of the place and optimized treatment of the local topography, the project aims to enhance its immediate environment.

Les relations aux façades sont affinées afin, d’une part, de rendre la part-belle aux éléments du patrimoine local, à l’instar du bâtiment communal et d’autre part, à offrir des vues ouvertes et généreuses surplombant le panorama lémanique exceptionnel.

Ainsi, le site à la vocation d’offrir des espaces dédiés aux activités communes et au vivre-ensemble : vergers, potagers communs, terrains de sport, préau et espaces de jeu pour enfants rejoignent le programme scolaire et invitent toutes générations à profiter du nouveau cœur de Jongny.




Community of Jongny


SIA 142 1st prize


Fatma Ben Amor et Rubén Valdez, architectes

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SIA 31 - 53


Jongny (CH)



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Integration into Local Heritage
The new center in Jongny is designed to enhance the regional character of the territory, with terraces supported by stone walls, coherent landscape integration, and generous views over the Lake Geneva panorama. It aims to be a space for the socio-cultural dynamics of the inhabitants, offering dedicated spaces for communal activities and living together.

Creation of Activity Terraces
The proposed arrangements include different activity terraces connected by pathways, promoting intergenerational exchanges and activities open to students and local residents. These terraces feature a cobblestone threshold in front of the municipal building, communal gardens, a playground, a low-stem orchard, an activity covered area, and a reception area for the new school site.

Sustainability Approach
The outdoor arrangements are designed with a sustainability approach, optimizing the management of excavation materials, maximizing permeable surfaces, managing stormwater in the open air, and densifying the interior canopy. These efforts contribute to the comfort of students, visitors, and local residents, while preserving resources and aiding in the cooling of indoor and outdoor spaces.